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Unlock Online Freedom with 0xNetwork

Experience secure, private browsing with 0xNetwork's decentralized P2P VPN network. Join nodes worldwide, enjoy unlimited access, earn rewards, and shape the future of the internet.

  • Secure, Global Browsing: Encrypt for privacy, access anywhere.
  • Unlimited Access: Explore freely, no restrictions.
  • Earn Rewards: Contribute bandwidth, earn rewards.
  • Community-Driven Innovation: Shape the internet's future with us.
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Why you choose our 0xNetwork Token


Protect your online activities with advanced encryption.

Global Accessibility

Access the internet worldwide without restrictions.

Rewarding Participation

Earn rewards by contributing bandwidth to the network.

Community Collaboration

Join forces with fellow advocates to shape the future of the internet.

Contract Address

CA - 0xb124Aa312C10E9fF800eD03b0D665f701be2adF2
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0xNetwork Strategy and
Project Plan

Q2 2024

Research & Development

Lay the groundwork for groundbreaking innovation.

Mid Q3 2024

App beta test

Craft meticulously secure and user-friendly solutions.

Mid Q4 2024

Alpha test

Refine with invaluable user feedback for optimal performance.

Mid of Q2 2025


Democratize internet access, empowering users worldwide.

End of Q4 2025


Grow exponentially through strategic partnerships and global outreach.

Mid Q1 2026


Continuously improve functionality and user experience.

Mid Q2 2026

Layer 1

Launch of the SubQuery Foundation Finalise research for other Layer-1 chains Liquidity mining program

End of Q4 2026

Sustainability & Evolution

Pave the way for lasting impact and continuous innovation, prioritizing network longevity, scalability, and adaptability to meet evolving user needs and technological advancements.

How 0xNetwork Actually Works?

0xNetwork operates decentralized with two main components:

the client and the node. Users install the client on their devices to securely connect to the network. Nodes, installed on servers, lend their bandwidth. The client's data is encrypted and routed through nodes, ensuring secure and private browsing.

Frequently asked questions

0xNetwork is a decentralized P2P VPN network that allows users to browse the web securely and privately without restrictions using a distributed network of nodes.

0xNetwork employs advanced encryption technology to secure users' online activities, ensuring that their data remains private and protected from third-party surveillance.

Yes, users can earn rewards by becoming nodes in the network and lending their unused bandwidth. This incentivizes participation and contributes to the growth of the network.

Absolutely, 0xNetwork is accessible worldwide, enabling users to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship, providing unrestricted access to the internet.

You can get involved with 0xNetwork by installing the client software on your device to browse securely or by becoming a node and contributing your bandwidth to the network, earning rewards in the process.